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Emicol Members & Sponsors currently have the following discounts and offers available for Emicol members.

Fuel Discount at outlets across WA

Discounts on electronics & batteries from Auto Control Systems

As a result of our project work we get big discounts on a wide range of items which we can pass on to Emicol members at same rates as our top-tier clients. These items include:

  • Exide batteries
  • LED Lighting (automotive work lights, industrial high bays, commercial LEDs)
  • Push Buttons, Pilot Lights, Relays, Circuit Breakers etc.
  • Sensors, pressure / temp / proximity
  • Safety switches & E-stops
  • VFDs and Softstarters
  • HMI & PLC spares and replacements
  • Servo drives and motors

Email Rob Nunn from Auto Control Systems for more information.