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Routers Australia

Home of the most Robust and High Speed CNC Routers


Based in Perth WA, Routers Australia is a Versatile Engineering company that can take your product or component from CONCEPT to DESIGN to PROTOTYPE to PRODUCTION.

Since 1993, Routers Australia ( formerly VanZ Developments ) has been involved in the production of state-of-the-art CNC technology. CNC Cutting, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Fitting, Welding and all the aspects of Precision Engineering. What RA cannot provide in-house, can be sourced from one of our professional contacts in Australia or around the world. Over 40 years of experience in Engineering has given us a Global network that has provided us with exceptional Materials, Precision Machining Expertise and Products that we incorporate into our projects.

Routers Australia originally designed CNCs for scientific research. We have produced all types of research equipment for universities, mineral research companies, oil analysis laboratories among other research organisations.

Routers Australia have worked with Australian CNC router manufacturers for years making both 3 axis and 5 axis machines for the cabinet making industry, ship building, caravan production, surfboard manufacturers, sign makers, etc.


Our cutting service uses three CNC machines:

  1. CNC Router. Capacity: 3600 X 1900 X 200mm

  2. CNC Router. Capacity:1200 X 2400 X 100mm

  3. Plasma cutter. Capacity: 1200 X 2400; cuts 1mm-20mm steel

Materials we are able to cut include steel, aluminium, aluminium composite material (ACM), polypropylene plastic, ABS plastic, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), plywood and solid wood. Our SCM Record Router allows us to cut large sheets of up to 3600 x 2000 mm and solid wood/plastic material can be up to 200 mm thick. We can also engrave on most surfaces.

The Swiftcut Plasma cutter is able to cut all steel plate up to 20 mm thick. Trouble shooting and critiquing by our experts of all designs received, before production begins means potential problems are ironed out, saving time and money. Cut in the shortest time with the least waste. Please note: Not all types of drawing files are compatible with toolpathing software and our CAD team may have to adjust or re-draw.


Routers Australia can supply other services such as 5 axis Machining / 5 axis Waterjet cutting, Laser cutting etc through our large network of professional companies located in Australia and throughout the world.