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Capability Statement

ORBIZ is a specialist consulting firm that provides a broad range of performance improvement, project management and advisory services across the public and private sectors. We harness the principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement alongside the deep industry experience of our team to provide strategies and systems that enable operational excellence. Partnering with our clients in capital project and operational settings, we help them to manage risk, reduce cost, and maximise productivity. Our Performance Specialists support across the asset lifecycle from conception and strategy to delivery and operational improvement. ORBIZ brings together a network of highly knowledgeable performance improvement specialists who operate across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas to form a talented and flexible consulting and advisory team. Our consultants are experienced business professionals, who have lived and breathed the philosophies of Lean and continuous improvement through successful careers with industry leading companies around the world. We have extensive experience of implementing sustainable improvement and change programs across a diversity of industries including Mining, Energy, Construction, Transport, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.


The ORBIZ Way is a simple methodology, based on the Lean operating principles practiced by the highest performing industries and organisations across the world. Summed up as the THE VIRTUOUS CICLE.

The letters CI represent Continuous Improvement, the very reason we exist.

THE VIRTUOUS CICLE begins with a clear, overarching Purpose that aligns People across the value chain to devise an efficient Process, driving Performance improvement beyond the duration of any engagement.


The principles of the ORBIZ Way are summarised through a simple model that we refer to as the Virtuous CIcle.

The letters CI represent Continuous Improvement which is the very reason we exist.

When aligned into practice the four quadrants of the Virtuous CIcle become the four key components that all organisations can improve to operate more successfully.

  • PURPOSE – Strategic Alignment & Production Control

  • PEOPLE – Engagement, Development & Leadership

  • PROCESS – Design for Operation & Maintenance

  • PERFORMANCE – Performance Management System

ORBIZ provide effective solutions that support organisations to rapidly and sustainably increase performance across all four of these areas.

Please see our website: https://orbiz.io/ for more information.