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Great Feed Solutions


Milne AgriGroup Pty Ltd is one of the largest integrated agribusinesses in Western Australia. A family-owned and operated business, with interests in feed milling, animal nutrition, livestock production, meat processing and consumer marketing, Milne AgriGroup comprises of Mt Barker Free Range Chicken, Plantagenet Free Range Pork, and Milne Feeds.

At the heart of our group is Milne Feeds, our feed milling division. Milne Feeds is a market leader in animal nutrition and the development of safe, compound feed for the sheep, beef, dairy, and equine markets.

Milne Feeds evolved from a local produce store in 1910 to become the leading stockfeed manufacturer in Western Australia. We have built a reputation for technical excellence in product development and production.

Our objective is to provide a ‘great feed solution’ tailored to the situations of our customers. We adapt to fit with the market and environment, and strive to accommodate customers’ changing needs.

We work with thousands of farming families across WA to provide feed solutions that enable them to feed their animals safely, cost effectively and to market specification. As a family-owned company, we are in business for the long term and value our relationship with our customers.

We have a highly qualified technical team of animal nutritionists, a cereal chemist and other professionals with the most extensive laboratory and analytical capabilities of any stockfeed manufacturer in Western Australia.

The technical team oversees our procurement and production programmes, and also works with livestock producers and our customers to develop great feed solutions.



  • EasyOne ® - an all-in-one safe high performance ration for finishing lambs and feeding to ewes.
  • LambGro ® - a nutritionally balanced 4mm or 9mm pellet containing the necessary energy, protein, calcium and phosphorus to maximise lamb growth and increase survival rates.
  • EasyEwe ® - a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet, designed to be fed to ewes at any stage of pregnancy.


  • EasyBeef ® - a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet designed for feedlot cattle. It is a safe, high performance feed that allows faster adaptation to grain, for optimal weight gain and feed conversion. EasyBeef can be fed as a supplement to cows, calves, and heifers.
  • CalfGro-S - a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet containing straw. It is designed to be fed to calves between the ages of 3-12 months.
  • EarlyWeaner - a nutritionally balanced pellet for feeding to pastoral calves and young weaners. It is a high energy, high protein ration, ideal for early weaned calves and young weaners, to enhance growth rates and rumen development.
  • Vitalize® - a high energy 9mm pellet, formulated to be fed in conjunction with roughage to feedlot cattle. It is the perfect feeding solution for the operator wishing to use their own hay stocks.
  • EasyGrass® - a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet designed for pasturefed cattle. It meets Certified Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System nutritional requirements (PCAS).


  • Maximize® - a high energy, high starch feed, designed to increase the energy intake of cows grazing high quality pastures without the risk of acidosis.
  • MaximizePlus® - a high energy, high protein feed, designed to increase the energy intake of cows grazing medium quality pastures and forage without the risk of acidosis.
  • EasyDairy® Pellets - a nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet designed for supplementing dairy heifers. It is suitable for non-lactating cows and can also be fed as part of a lactating cow’s ration.
  • CalfGro - a nutritionally balanced high energy and protein pellet, designed to be fed to calves from one week old until 10-12 weeks of age.
  • LeadFeed - a nutritionally balanced ration, designed to be fed to dairy cows prior to calving to help prevent milk fever and retained placenta.
  • LeadFeed+Bio-Chlor® - a nutritionally balanced ration, designed to reduce metabolic disease, improve body condition and assist with successful adaption to high grain diets.


  • A comprehensive range of Equine Feed Products are marketed under the Pegasus Horse Feeds brand, see the website for full information.



Our close proximity to the Port of Fremantle puts us in a competitive position to supply our innovative feed solutions to Asia, Japan, the Middle East and Gulf Countries. Our sheep, beef cattle, horse, and dairy feeds have established an excellent reputation for satisfying customer needs across these global markets. Our extensive experience of supplying export markets ensures we are well positioned to supply the nutritional needs of your livestock in either bags, or bulk 20ft or 40ft sea containers.


Milne Feeds Product Managers are experts in their field and passionate about helping customers find the right feed solution and achieve the most out of their feed program. Our goal is to provide expert nutritional and technical support at all times, in turn enabling customers to access the full benefits of our feeds.


Milne Feeds’ Grain Swap Program is very popular with growers and presents a great opportunity to convert your grain crop into complete feed solutions. The program involves the Grower allocating grain, within CBH, to Milne Feeds. At the same time, the specific pellet product, price and tonnage is formalised in a contract. The Grower then nominates the approximate timing (slot) for receiving pellets through the season. Grain Swaps are a great way for current customers to secure their pellet supply and price, whilst converting their grain into fully fortified, nutritionally balanced feeds solutions with guaranteed protein, energy and mineral specifciations.


Milne Feeds’ state-of-the-art laboratories and technical services at our Welshpool facility are designed to support the accurate measurement and evaluation of all ingredients and products. Our lab conducts quality tests on all incoming raw materials and all outgoing finished products. We also offer quality laboratory testing services to customers who wish to have feedstuffs, such as grain, hay or pasture analysed. Our Laboratory uses Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) to provide accurate analysis with a fast turnaround. Our experienced lab team regularly collects data and monitors results to continually calibrate the system.

Milne Feed Offers:

  • Analysis of hay, straw, grains, silage, and pastures
  • Analysis of dry matter/moisture, protein, acid detergent fibre (ADF), neutral detergent fibre (NDF)
  • Estimation (by calculation) of Digestible Dry matter (DDM%) and metabolisable energy (ME)
  • Mineral analysis and NSC can be arranged
  • Quick turn-around service