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NAVAL BASE - 46 Hope Valley Rd, Naval Base
Tel:9410 1055 Fax:9410 1066

CANNING VALE - 10 Sherman St, Canning Vale
Tel:9455 1713 Fax: 9455 4095

Contact: Wayne Stewart

email: marketing@hartwaynb.com.au

web: https://www.hartway.com.au

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Hartway Galvanizers

Providing complete protection from A to Zinc


Hartway is always a good first step when you need to explore options to protect your steel assets.

It all started in 1984 and has grown to two galvanizing plants in Western Australia and a walkway and steel fabrication business.

With a century of combined management experience and a galvanizing capacity in excess of 60,000 tonnes per year, Hartway has the facilities to be your best choice of partner for the largest projects in the State. Our local presence guarantees quality, gives you easy access to the decision makers, shortens supply windows and upholds superior service.

Hartway’s two plants operates a total of 9 semi-trailers and 2 x 14 tonne rigids to help our customers with pick-ups and deliveries that they may not manage on their own. Naval Base has a 25 tonne forklift for cradle work unloading / loading and both plants operate numerous yard forklifts up to 5 tonne capacity

Any queries or quotes needed please email Wayne at marketing@hartwaynb.com.au or call on 9410 1055.



LOCATION: 46 Hope Valley Road, Naval Base (next to Pacific Industrial)
Tel: 9410 1055 , Fax: 9410 1066
BATH SIZE: 12.6m long X 1.4m wide X 3m deep
Computerised job tracking
3000 tonnes per month capacity
longest dip achieved 23m
heaviest single dip achieved 10 tonne
5 x gantry cranes with load capacity of 10 tonne each
Specialised packing options can be arranged.
25 tonne forklift for cradle/container loading with ease
12 x site forklifts from 2.5t - 5t capacity
5 acres of project laydown – 10 acres in total



LOCATION: 10 Sherman Street, Canning Vale.
Tel : 9455 1713 , Fax : 9455 4095
BATH SIZE: 12.6m long X 1.4m wide X 2.7m deep
2000 tonnes per month capacity,
Centrifuge plant for small brackets and threaded components.
Specialised packing options can be arranged.
30 years of “silver” service