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Take the guesswork out of shop floor productivity


Smart Shop Floor Solutions is designed for SME Manufacturing business owners/managers to take the guesswork out of shop floor productivity. Smart Shop Floor provides objective data to drive continuous improvement to increase overall utilisation.


Utilisation Monitoring

  • Real-time information of machine, jobs and resource utilisation
  • Instant alerts via mobile app to team leads and supervisors
  • Actionable insights to address unplanned downtime and bottlenecks so that you do not leave the money on the table
  • Real-time data visibility for strategic decision making to enhance shop floor productivity

Condition Monitoring

  • Predictive maintenance through anomaly detection of deterioration in the machine health
  • Access to real-time and historical data of the machines’ condition monitoring parameters
  • An add-on feature for the Utilisation Monitoring and Continuous Improvement solutions

Production Monitoring

  • Real-time visibility of the entire shop floor production
  • Insights on resources utilised on each job
  • Instant alerts on jobs running behind schedule
  • Visibility of rework and overtime done on jobs
  • Digital Kanban board for each work area for real-time visibility of current jobs, jobs in queue and completed jobs

Continuous Improvement

  • Insights on non-utilisation of machines to derive opportunity for improvement
  • Comparative analysis of job rework and delays
  • Insights to reduce the severity or duration of breaks
  • Operational insights to address causes of downtime and non-utilisation of resources for continuous improvement in production