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Watsons Noise Control

Specialist in noise control solutions

Watsons Noise Control

Capability Statement

Watson Noise Control has been a family owned and run business for over 25 years.


We specialise in the sale and installation of Noise Control products across a wide range of industries. These include the Mining, Construction, Marine and Transport industries.


We have a wide range of products to solve your noise pollution problem.


We only supply and fit fully tested and approved soundproofing materials from a variety of local suppliers.


For more information check out our website, here you’ll find the different applications we have used for acoustic insulation.


Send us a request for a free measure and quote and we can visit on site to go through the various requirements you need.
Tech - Spec

Industrial- We provide a wide range of noise control solutions for the industrial sector. Using a variety of products we can custom build a solution to best meet your needs.  Includes enclosures for compressors, pumps, generators and fans. Insulated panels  and baffles for workshops. We can also replace existing insulation on prefabricated units.
Mining- We can treat the cabs of all machinery with acoustic insulation and floor mats, as well as treating engine bays and firewalls to reduce noise levels within the cab. We install noise control products in all mining machinery.
Transport-underlay, firewall , floor mats, bonnet insulation, anti–vibration materials supplied and fitted from cars to heavy haulage. Reverberation from road noise can be treated with an anti vibration material. Our products include Dynamat, a peel and stick material that can be applied to the floor, firewall, door skins and wheel wells
Marine - Products supplied to reduce noise from inboard and outboard motors and resonating. Through the hull ion all vessels.
Architectural– Products that can be used in the commercial and residential building industry during the construction stage ranging from acoustic pipe lagging for sewerage and storm water drains to slab insulation for heat and noise


Delivery of quality sound  and heat proofing solutions to people and businesses in Western Australia for 25 years for quieter and more comfortable living. Our team continually provide services for heat and sound proofing  to the following  industry sectors:

  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Mining
  • Transport (rail, marine and road)
  • Construction
 Project management, supply, delivery and  installation available throughout Western Australia.

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