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Blue Sky GPS

Unlocking your business potential

Blue Sky GPS

Capability Statement


Why Blue Sky GPS?


Andrew Cooke is the owner and director of Blue Sky Growth and Profit Solutions (“GPS”) and is passionate about helping small business owners and their business grow and become more successful on a sustainable basis. In doing this Andrew helps you to develop and embed the key capabilities and capacity in your people and your business you need to succeed both now and in the future.


How Do We Work?


In doing this GPS helps you to grow personally and in your business, and to deliver real impact for your clients; to generate a solid, predictable and growing income stream; and provides you with them means by which to have the freedom to pursue the lifestyle you want to pursue.


Working with you on real challenges and opportunities, GPS helps you to gain traction, accelerate results and to create real value. We walk alongside you, teaching you practical tools, techniques and insights that you can use and apply; and we partner with you to provide the necessary support and coaching to help you implement and learn experientially, whilst avoiding those mistakes which cost you time, energy and money.


We only work with those who are looking to engage and will be committed to taking the necessary actions to drive success, and who are looking to grow themselves, their people and their customers. We do not provide “silver bullets”, nor will we work with clients where we feel there is not a “fit”, or where your needs are not a good match for what we do. We do work with clients who are looking to grow their business and people, and look to help their customers in turn, and where we can help you create significant value, results and return from your work with us.


What Do We Do?


We work with business owners, leaders and managers to help them grow and develop their skills and capabilities, and to embed this in the business so you can continue to do so without becoming dependent on GPS or any other 3rd party. In short, we look to work ourselves out of a job!


Tech - Spec

 Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership and management development
  • Executive and one-to-one coaching
  • Marketing, Sales and Growth
  • Operational improvements
  • People and Performance Management

Corporate Strategy


Developing a clear strategic plan is critical in these turbulent times. It provides you with the necessary focus and benchmarks against which to make decisions and assess results. The business environment is undergoing rapid change, and a strategic plan allows you to respond to new challenges proactively and improves your chances of business survival

GPS Management Networks


Join other corporate leaders in confidential meetings where we share challenges, issues and latest management thinking, facilitated by a chairman working in the field. We now have two GPS Management Networks for Australian business leaders and corporate rising stars respectively.


What are you key business issues? What are the strategic ideas that you would like to drive, but just aren’t happening as quickly as you would like? What are the current non – strategic “burning” issues in your business that aren’t being addressed?
We have a three pronged approach for helping business leaders.

  • One - on one personal development with our members
  • Access to our toolbox via our strategic partner, Mindshop
  • Access to “peer to peer” mentoring through our GPS Management Network


Our leadership mentoring program allows business leaders and senior managers to gain access to external confidential mentoring, as well as training in latest management thinking, plus the ability to attend quarterly meetings with other like minded leaders and senior managers to share experiences but in a confidential environment.


For more information on the GPS Management Network contact us today.

Blue Sky GPS Tools & Resources


Feel free to use the various tools, diagnostics and articles that you find on our website:

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