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Project Mgt Engr. & Drafting

Level 2 / 14 Ventnor Avenue
West Perth WA 6005
P.O. Box 309
West Perth WA 6872

Tel: (08) 6555 7725
Fax: (08) 6555 7726

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Powering Mining and Construction


Capability Statement

JTMEC was established in 2005 when a small group of professional electricians based in Kalgoorlie WA got together to market their services under the name Just Tradesmen.

By 2006 the business had developed a reputation in the marketplace and had quickly expanded from simply providing qualified labour at client sites to winning contracts to provide electrical installations. To better reflect our capabilities we changed our name to JT Mining Electrical Contracting.

Demand for our services continued to grow, and our reputation expanded Australia-wide. By 2012 we had established Branches in Orange NSW and Townsville QLD.

In 2013 we won the Goldfields Business of the Year Award, and achieved ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Accreditation.

In 2014 we abbreviated our name to JTMEC and launched a new look logo to signify the maturing of our business. Our continued growth also saw us moving into bigger corporate offices in Perth WA.

The start of 2015 sees us near completion of our own purpose-built Branch and Workshop to house our growing Kalgoorlie team, plus we are expanding into the Mt Isa region in Queensland.

By understanding and adapting to our clients' needs, and striving to go the extra mile, our reputation continues to grow. We are very proud of our people and the history of our ongoing success.

Tech - Spec


  • Electrical Project Works (electrical, instrumentation and control);
  • Electrical Maintenance Services;
  • High Voltage Installations and Maintenance;
  • Trailing Cable Repairs; and
  • Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing


Electrical Project Works

  • EI&C installation and commissioning works;
  • Substation and switchyard construction;
  • Switchgear installation;
  • Switchroom / control room installation;
  • Underground cabling;
  • Hazardous area installations;
  • High voltage installations.
HV Installations and Maintenance

  • Installation of HV cables;
  • Installation of transformers;
  • High voltage cable jointing and termination;
  • High voltage testing;
  • Thermal imaging services;
  • Installation and maintenance of HV switchboards; switchgear and circuit breakers.
Electrical Maintenance Services

  • Specialised shutdown teams;
  • Backfill labour;
  • Instrumentation calibrations;
  • HV cable testing;
  • Inspection and testing services;
  • Auditing services.
Trailing Cable Repairs

  • Trailing / reeling cable repairs to AS1747;
  • Cable management services;
  • Onsite / offsite repairs;
  • Plug installations and refurbishment.


Electrical Switchboard Manufacturing

  • Switchboard manufacturing.

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