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14 Hector Street
Osborne Park WA 6017

Tel: (08) 9244 1977
Fax: (08) 9446 2547

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Perth’s Largest Industrial Tooling & Sharpening Company


Capability Statement


Hughans has been operating for over 55 years and is one of the most successful and largest saw sharpening companies in WA.


The Hughans team combine their expert advice with technology to ensure the customer gets the highest level of service for all their sharpening and tooling requirements. We work for many sectors within the engineering, fabrication and service industries, sharpening and supplying materials for metals. plastics, wood and many other exotic materials.


We have invested in the most modern CNC robotic grinding machines so we can ensure precision sharpening for both carbide tipped and high speed circular saw blades.


We have such a diverse range of equipment and the knowledge, technology and expertise to service just about anything that cuts, grinds or drills.
Our business philosophy is built around customer service. Our experienced sales team service the metro and country areas on a daily basis and offer a high level of product knowledge. Our customers can be assured whatever their tooling requirements are, Hughans will ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.


With a strong affiliation with selected local and European suppliers, we guarantee all tooling supplied to be of the highest quality, ensuring maximum productivity for all your requirements.


To find out more please check out our website or simply give us a call:
FREE CALL 1800 641 977


Tech - Spec



     Tool Sharpening

  • Drill Bits (wood / metal/ masonry)
  • Chisels
  • Router Bits / Dowel Drills / Forstner Bits / Spade Bits
  • Endmills / Slot Drills / Punch and Dies
  • Rotabores
  • Taper Lock Pulleys


     Circular Saw Blades

  • Blades to 650mm sharpened on CNC grinding machines under oil.
  • Carbide tipped circular saw blades (wood/ aluminium/ steel/ plastic).
  • Carbide tip replacement and blade retensioning.
  • Modify bores.
  • Firewood saw blades (carbide tips and conventional steel)


     Grinding Room (automatic German grinding machines)

  • Planer / Buzzer / Thicknesser blades (high speed steel and carbide tipped)
  • Granulator blades
  • Chipper knives
  • Bending blades (metal)
  • Guillotine blades (sheetmetal)
  • Guillotine blades (paper)


     High Speed Steel (coldsaw) Blades

  • All sharpened on CNC grinding machines under oil.
  • Mild/ stainless steel
  • Brass/ copper/ aluminium
  • Segmental saw blades
  • Friction blades
  • Circular saw blades (meat)
  • Slitting saws (PVC/ plastic/ paper)
  • Hydraulic hose cutting circular blades.



  • Stark HSS (coldsaw) and Carbide Tipped Wood and Aluminium cutting saw blades
  • Lenox bandsaw blades
  • Kanefusa (Japanese made) circular saw blades –Wood : Aluminium : Metal Cutting
  • Carbitool Router Bits
  • Dimar / Stark spindle moulder tooling
  • Sutton & Nitto tooling
  • Toolmate Fluids
  • Brobo equipment
  • Nexgen construction supplies


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