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The Apprenticeship Community
Unit 1, 1 Tanunda Drive,
Rivervale 6103 WA DC WA 6986

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The Apprenticeship Community

The Apprenticeship Community

Capability Statement


The Apprenticeship Community delivers the Federal Government's Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) service in Western Australia. We provide service and support to companies and individuals enabling their participation and success in high quality apprenticeships and traineeships.


At The Apprenticeship Community we make apprenticeships and traineeships easy. Bring in new talent and help your employees gain valuable skills through apprenticeships or traineeships and pave the way to future growth and success for your business.


Our organisation is the only community based, not-for-profit provider of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services in Western Australia. AASN is an initiative of the Australian Government; a highly-valued system that has proven extremely beneficial for both employers and employees. We make it easier to recruit, train and retain apprentices and trainees by delivering AASN services in a friendly, no-nonsense way that means you can get on with running your business.


We have team members across Western Australia, from Perth to Kalgoorlie, Bunbury, Broome and Albany. If you’re looking to support the continued development of your company, choose to work with us.


No matter what industry your business is in, we can help you find apprenticeships and traineeships that support your company. Develop the skills of existing employees, or take on fresh talent and help them grow. Our programs can assist with everything from traditional trades, such as plumbing and electrical services, to emerging careers in aged care and business administration.


The Apprenticeship Community provides the assistance and advice you and your employees need to ensure the highest standards of productivity and innovation in your company. We connect your business with programs from registered training organisations  that help existing and prospective employees reach their full potential through a combination of quality hands-on training, paid work, and competency-based learning.


Whether you are an individual looking to attain a formal qualification, or you are an employer wanting to provide your employees with training to increase the level of expertise in your company, The Apprenticeship Community can help you.


With offices in Perth and the inner city region as well as across remote and rural locations including Bunbury, Broome, Albany and Kalgoorlie, we can connect more businesses with training programs. Want to find out if you or your company can benefit from our services? Simply give us a call on 08 6165 3362 or complete our online form. We can give you the keys to unlock a promising future.


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To Employers

Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great vehicle for you to train and develop new and existing staff. Because much of the training is done at your workplace, the skills acquired by the apprentice or trainee are customised to the needs of your business. You may also be eligible for various government financial incentives to assist with employing an apprentice or trainee.
Benefits to your business:

  • Increased productivity
  • A well-trained workforce
  • Financial assistance from the Government, where eligible
  • Practical help to train employees
  • You'll be part of WA's economic development, providing career pathways for locals
  • A commitment of quality to your customers
Benefits to the apprentice / trainee:

  • Trade-specific skills, giving them a competitive edge
  • A nationally recognised qualification
  • Paid work combined with structured training
  • Accelerated career pathway through competency-based learning.
Benefits to Schools

The Apprenticeship Community aims to provide schools and teachers with user friendly career tools and resources to assist students explore their career options and pathways to maximise their chances of employment post-secondary school.
Encourage your students to register for free today to take advantage of the following tools:

CareerMe® App

A free career exploration app that gives job seekers up-to-date career information on industry areas and occupations. The app includes information on skill shortage areas, job descriptions, training requirements and links to current job vacancies.

Benefits to Parents

If your teenager is in Year 9 or above, it's time to encourage your teen to explore their future career pathways.
It is important that they consider potential post-school options and we provide free tools to help in this process:


News and Media

Interested in finding out more about The Apprenticeship Community? Our Latest News section contains real-life stories from employers and apprentices that we have worked with. You can also learn about how we are working with local communities to deliver the Government's Australian Apprenticeship Support Network services by reading our blog.


Check out our website today for latest information on all of the above and more:

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