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Perth Specialised Coatings Group
150 Radium Street
Welshpool WA 6106

Tel: (08) 9451 1172
Fax: (08) 9451 1173

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Perth Specialised Coatings Group

Specialised Coatings

Perth Specialised Coatings Group

Capability Statement


Perth Specialised Coatings Group has been in operation since 2015, and was born from the merge of two surface finishing plants to offer the Western Australian manufacturing and fabrication industries a one stop shop for all their zinc electroplating and stainless steel electro polishing requirements.


With a focus on quality, service and reliability, Perth Specialised Coatings Group is centrally located in Welshpool and is the largest zinc electroplating plating facility in W.A.


Zinc Plating is a cost effective method to protect steel from corrosion (rust) by simultaneously creating a physical barrier and acting as a sacrificial anode. Effective zinc plating can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of the component being coated.


Stainless Steel pickling, electro-polishing and passivation is conducted in one of two specialised lines to provide you with a clean, bright, electropolished or passivated stainless steel surface, preventing future tea staining and unsightly marks on you stainless steel.


Perth Specialised Coatings Group uses the latest chemical technology available in the market to ensure quality zinc plating, using products that are both consistent and environmentally acceptable and all work can be tested and verified by a NATA accredited lab.


Tech - Spec

Zinc Plating Rack Line:

This is our main processing line for large parts requiring zinc coating.

  • Tanks dimensions 5 m x 0.9m x 1.2m
Zinc Plating BarrelĀ Line:

Dedicated to zinc plating small parts in large volumes.

  • Fasteners (e.g. bolts, nuts etc)
Stainless Steel Polishing Line:

For Pickling, electro polishing and passivation of stainless steel.

Tank dimensions:

  • 3m x 1.2m x 1.5m
  • 6m x 0.9m x 1.2m
Chromate Conversion Capabilities:

  • Hexavalent Gold
  • Trivalent Gold (RoHS and WEE Compliant)
  • Trivalent Blue (Silver) (RoHS and WEE Compliant)
  • Hexavalent Black
Stainless Steel Blackening:

A stand alone system for blackening of stainless steel without compromising the integrity and capabilities of the stainless.

Top coats:

A variety of topcoats over our coatings are available to add functional performance to your coatings e.g. Torque and Tension Control, sealants.

Salt spray testing of coatings via a NATA accredited laboratory

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