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CNC Machining

Perth and Western Australia

Whatever you need in the way of CNC machining and precision fabrication, you will find it within the EMICoL group. Our members are experienced in producing a full range of precision components and provide specialised parts to a wide variety of industries.

When you choose an EMICoL business, you can be sure you will be receiving the very best level of advice and support, based on many years of industry experience. This is backed up with the very latest technology, ensuring your requirements are met with precision and efficiency, saving you time and money.

EMICoL members provide the complete range of CNC machines, ranging from drills, milling machines, lathes, and grinders to plasma cutters. This means there is an EMICoL member who is able to create any quality part you require, to your specific requirements.

About EMICoL

EMICoL, the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Cooperative Limited, is a cooperative group of industries predominantly made up of small to medium businesses in the manufacturing, engineering, mining and fabrication sectors of industry. The quality goods produced for their clients either individually or collaboratively is testament to the capability within the group. When you choose a member of EMICoL for your machining or precision fabrication, you know you will receive the very best result, support by the advice and knowledge of an experienced team of experts.

Member's Capabilities

  • Laser Cutting - Laser cutting, engraving and marking are now possible for the widest range of tasks, from simple to highly complex, thanks to constant investments in the latest technology. EMICoL members provide laser cutting for industrial, engineering, automotive or any other purpose. Benefit from the advantages of laser cutting which include fast cutting speeds and maximum flexibility as well as contact-free and tool-free technology.

    Laser cutting also provides significant time and cost advantages over traditional stamping and punching, resulting in lower costs and greater efficiencies for you. Get in touch with an EMICoL member today to see how we can meet your requirements.

  • CNC Milling - Our CNC machining centres (milling machines) have the latest technology, with modern, 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis machines that provide an ultra-precise level of material removal, and software that enables programming from solid models.

    EMICoL's CNC milling services offer flexibility and innovation, backed by experienced teams, whether the job is big or small.

    Our specialist technicians can help you with design and development, or simply supervise the manufacturing to ensure efficient and trouble-free production of your components to meet your deadlines.

    We invite you to visit our premises and see the process for yourself – get in touch with an EMICoL member to arrange a tour.

  • CNC Turning - CNC turning offers quality production with precision. EMICoL members use the latest machinery that can control multiple axes simultaneously on a range of products including steel, stainless steel, brass, acrylics, titanium, wood and more.

    CNC lathe machines perform sanding, drilling and cutting tasks much fast than traditional manufacturing times, with non-stop 24/7 production. The time savings reduce your costs, as does the ability to minimise the waste amounts of expensive raw materials.

    Other benefits include a high degree of accuracy that virtually eliminates variations, and flexibility that enables new product creation through software programs, with no need to make physical changes.

    The production process becomes simpler and more efficient, providing benefits for businesses of all sizes, and for jobs from one-off to batch production. CNC turning by EMICoL members is subject to strict quality checks to ensure you get quality work delivered on time.

  • Welding - We offer a complete range of specialised welding services to support our range of milling and turning capabilities. Our members have purpose-designed machine shops to provide welding services for big and small companies in industries from mining, manufacturing and automotive to agricultural and more. Modern developments in welding, such as mechanisation and automation of processes during the manufacturing process have proven to be cost-efficient for a wider range of applications. To find out more, send your welding enquiry to us here.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting - EMICoL members are able to offer CNC plasma cutting services using plasma equipment capable of 5 axis cutting of thick material and creation of complex welding seams. Modern plasma cutting equipment and expertise has a small footprint and provides more flexibility, faster turnaround times, reduced scrap costs and improved production efficiency.

    Speak with the qualified and experienced staff who work at EMICoL companies, to receive the best advice about your CNC plasma cutting needs.

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