About EMICoL

Members of EMICoL, the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Cooperative Limited have worked in partnership in producing this document of their resources.

EMICoL represents a cooperative cluster group of industries predominantly made up of small to medium businesses in the manufacturing, engineering, mining and fabrication sectors of industry. The quality goods produced for their clients either individually or collaboratively is testament to the capability within the group.

The EMICoL cooperative is in place as a conduit between the needs of industry and the capabilities of its members. EMICoL has prepared this brochure as a tool for industry that will provide the user with a detailed introduction to each EMICoL Member.

The formation of EMICoL serves to enrich the commercial capabilities of its members through building networks, seeking commercial opportunities, sharing resources, and developing EMICoL into a reputable and sought after entity, working cooperatively to get the job done.

The EMICoL Board of Directors

EMICoL Chairman Doug Ennis

Doug's reason for becoming involved with EMICoL as a representative of Goodwill Engineering is to be able to consider client requirements that previously have been outside our scope of work. Being able to involve other like-minded members who have the expertise in their fields enables us to consider projects with confidence that previously we would have passed on. It is bringing these abilities together in projects that will create growth within the cooperative and its current and prospective members.

EMICoL Vice-Chairman John Morris

John has spent the last 30 years in various managerial positions. During this time he has covered many aspects of business and currently is the General Manager at Project industries, where he runs the business for the owner. During the early part of his career John served an apprenticeship in the building of food machinery and then went on to utilise these skills in maintaining machines in the food and packing industry. Prior to leaving England in 1994, John was Production/Transport Manager for the biggest provider of heating and ventilation equipment in Europe.

Residing in Australia for the last 19 years, John has held positions of Operations/Quality Manager in companies with turnkey projects that have been involved in mining, material handling, acoustics and the rehabilitation sectors. John brings to the Board great enthusiasm and senior management experience.

EMICoL Director Steven Delfos

Steven has been in the CNC Machining industry for over 30 years. He is the current owner of Avtech Engineering and has managed it since 2002. He is well versed in the correct methods required to machine complex components to a high tolerance, out of a variety of materials for a variety of industries.

Steven is passionate about business systems and finding a better way to get a better quality product to his clients. His expertise in CNC machining and knowledge on business systems adds further dimension to EMICoL and he is a great asset when it comes to working together cooperatively.

EMICoL Director Susan Lawton

Susan Lawton Director for Kingston Training and Employment Pty Ltd. She brings a variety to training, development and information opportunities to EMICoL members, with unique training in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Management, Project Management, and Engineering Cert II, III and IV (welding programmes), First Aid, White Card, OHS Supervisor Training, welding codes and other customised short training, staff development programme needs. Susan is recognised as a leader in international and local training in Western Australia, with over 14 years of funded support by the Government of Australia.

DNA Kingston Training and Employment is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), proudly award winning and a multi-finalist over many years, and locally owned in Western Australia. Training colleges are located in South Perth, Malaga, Belmont, Mandurah, Bunbury and Geraldton. The organisation offers a new focus in global training and business opportunities, expanding its training expertise overseas into Indonesia and Malaysia. This provides access to overseas capabilities and further research and development opportunities for EMICoL members.

EMICoL Director Danny Briant

Danny is the owner and Managing Director of Precision Sheet Metal. Having been in the sheet metal business for the past 50 years he offers a wealth of practical skills to the EMICoL group and has on several occasions been able to assist with apprentice training. Having served an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom in which he manufacturing very fine tolerance equipment for the defence industry, Danny decided try his hand in other pastures and made the move to Australia in 1970.

During the last 33 years Danny has work on several projects, least of which was the manufacture and installation of high quality sheet metal product for the Opera House in Sydney. Having worked in so many different facets of Sheet Metal, Danny was able to set up a very successful business in Perth, which has now been running for 24 years.

EMICoL Director Jeff Hunter

Jeff is the operations manager and a director of Primary Sales Australia in Midvale WA. He has over 35 years of knowledge and experience in reverse engineering, civil, structural and mechanical engineering and design for power stations, water supply systems, agricultural engineering, road works, materials handling and harbour engineering. Jeff is also well qualified with diplomas in civil and mechanical engineering, a business degree in operations and quality management (minor personal computing) as well as a grad diploma in small business growth.

Jeff looks forward to working with the Board and other members in building on the suite of services that EMICoL offers.